Xbox 360 achievements gamerscore not updating

sorry if this topic was already covered but has anyone else had problems with achievements not unlocking for rise of tomb raider?

As you earn more Gamerscore through achievements, you’ll increase your tier and earn extra My VIP Gems. Make sure you sign up for Xbox Live Rewards so you get recognized for your efforts.If you don’t want to worry about a particular achievement, just skip it.After all, they only amount to fake internet points.From that date I earned a lot of achievements offline, around 8000G more, but today I decided to log in XBox Live again in my console and when I recovered my gamertag, it replaced everything - my profile is exactly the same I had around 2 or 3 years ago when I logged in my friend's console.I'm again at 3380G and it appears that there is no record in my console about all my offline achievements and saved games (for example, Gears of War or Call of Duty campaigns are again at 0, as if i had never played them in my console, BUT I can just select "resume game" and I can continue as I left it before the whole recovering process).

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