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Other arrivals in that period include Polish and other Slavic groups (Russians, Ukrainians, Czechs, Slovaks, and Yugoslavs among others), Scandinavians, Baltics, Greeks and other Middle Eastern groups, Romanians, Portuguese, and Hungarians.

Though Native Americans only number a few thousand DC residents, still the District is the appropriate place to locate the major museum featuring all the various Native American tribes or nations within the confines of our country.

It has elements of the South in its own southern peninsula (Americans, English, heavy concentrations of African Americans and Native Americans); its far western Garrett and Allegheny Counties are Appalachian with their Scotch-Irish and German elements; its northern counties (Hartford, Carroll, Frederick, and Washington) are the lower fringes of the nationwide Germanic Belt.

and County with their African-American pluralities still have numerous urban ethnic groups (Slavic, Scandinavian, Hungarian, Dutch, Greek, and Italian) and reflect the cosmopolitan eastern seaboard stretching from region where English Catholic and Protestants predominated from Colonial times, Piscataway Native Americans are found together with "Wesort" (Indians of mixed racial blood) who welcomed the early arrivals with genuine hospitality.

with their educational and health centers, have become more cosmopolitan and include a variety of immigrants from other lands from Asians to Bosnians.

While ethnic colonies have never been as noticeable as in neighboring states, still parishes as "French" because we group "French," "French-Canadian," and "Cajuns" into a single category; the majority of these people do not make clear distinctions unless ancestors came after the expulsion.

We have tried in the 2010 maps to highlight about 200 of these centers and festivals with an interest in giving all some representation and yet knowing that recent migrants have not had the opportunity to create centers and times of celebration as have more settled ethnic groups.(code peach for all Slavic group) is the most populous with areas marked "P," Czech "Cz", Ukrainian "U", and Russian "R" with the latter including sizeable numbers of Jewish people (sub-designated in earlier metropolitan maps from non-U. either considered alone or "in combination with others" (a Census designation for mixed ethnicity) increased dramatically from 39,000 to 67,000 in the first decade of the 21st century; these are principally found in urban and academic areas as well as around can be roughly divided into a northern and western area in which Alaskan Natives predominate and a southern and southeastern coastal region with a mixed population coming mainly from the lower 48 states.Besides Native Alaskans, Asian Americans, African Americans and some Pacific Islanders, one can find 60% of the state's Hispanic population and sizeable numbers of other ethnic groups: German, English, Irish, Scandinavian (mainly Norwegian and Swedish), Italian, French, and Scottish with smaller numbers of Dutch, Polish and others.Homecomings, reunions, and festivals are examples of these periodic gatherings that most often occur in areas of former or existing concentration of these groups.Many religious and civic groups celebrate ethnic and cultural roots as, for example, Greek festivals are associated with local Greek Orthodox churches or Italian festivals with a particular Catholic feast day.

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