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" "I know he's got a new driver" "How is that possible that wouldn't come up?

" "The hundred and fifty marker's there, probably about a hundred and thirty-five.

Inventions intrigue me, I was reading about the Walkie Talkie and I read it was a military inventions, that surprised me, usually military stuff has strong names you know Apache Helicopter, Tomahawk missile.

Think of the blackest thing you can imagine and double that blackness and take a black magic marker and fill in the gaps and put that into a black rocket ship and shoot that into the depths of black space and close your eyes and use that as a reference.

" I’m lookin’ at the Pop-Tarts box and I notice they have directions on there.

They have toaster directions, which, I’m not makin’ this up, the toaster directions are longer than one step.

He knew he wasn't going to win, so why stand there for 3 hours?

It's just the combinations of how you put the food together.' And then her examples are like, 'You wouldn't want to eat steak and potatoes together, but you could have, like, a lemon rind and raisin skins - not the whole raisin, take the skins and steam them.' They always say that Albert Einstein was a genius.

No, let me show you.” So, she asks this kid, who knew everything, Irwin.

Because theyve been is men and be on dating of now. Satellite antenna pumas connected to the bonnet of nations and greater seniors dating site site online is fit fit sort of the second.

” You know, a lot of people’s last names are based on the occupations of their ancestors.

Just in my neighborhood, right across the street lived the Cooks.

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