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But more often than not, we see from the point of the victim or those who have lost someone, but what is it like from the side of fate, destiny or death?To us, these abstract notions are always beyond our grasp; shoes we would never try putting on.While it can be a little scary, being honest with someone you’re interested in helps establish a relationship with a foundation of respect.If you feel like you can’t be honest with someone, or you feel like they’re not being honest with you, then maybe a relationship with that person isn’t right for you.Orchestrated Death takes this mentality and turns it around on itself, we get to play death!And the game presents us with four different targets, no back story, no major plot, just a classic death game wuth you in charge of finishing the job.

Being treated like you don’t matter after believing a relationship would become serious can feel emotionally draining.

It’s okay to feel hurt about something, but it’s not okay to behave in a disrespectful or hurtful way because of hurt feelings.

Receiving the silent treatment can be scary and frustrating because often it is unclear why the other partner is mad.

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Kelly will need her glasses back in the store - these will appear after you talk to her.

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For the sake of avoiding embarassment by refusing to marry the bride or the groom (play as either character) you decide that killing yourself with a quick death is the way to go (if only it did prove that quick to do).

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