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Guy and Kate's marriage ended in 2015, and shortly after it was revealed he and Carice were expecting a child together.Carice gave birth to their son, Monte, in August 2016.Maisie Williams Eunuch warrior Greyworm's relationship with ex-slave Missandei is one of the sweeter elements of the violent series. Thankfully for Sophie Turner, she has attracted a pop-star in the shape of Joe Jonas. The couple met on the show when she was cast as Ygritte, the wildling Jon Snow fell in love with.just a few weeks ago that she currently has a secret boyfriend.Then she kinda confirmed her new beau’s identity when she stepped out with Ollie Jackson.Nikolaj Coster-Waldau The gorgeous Jaime Lannister actor has had audiences gagging with his passionate romps with his twin sister Cersei.But away from Westeros back home in Denmark, he is happily married to singer Nukaaka, a former Miss Greenland.

In real life, he is loved-up with Cosby Show star Lisa Bonet, who is also mum of X Men star Zoe Kravitz.

Carice Van Houten The gorgeous Dutch actress plays a centuries-old witch who brought Jon Snow back from the dead in Game of Thrones.

But while Melissandre is besotted with the Lord of Light, Carice is happily settled with ex-Neighbours actor turned Hollywood star Guy Pearce.

Lena previously dated Jerome Flynn, who plays Bronn on Carice van Houten (Melisandre) is in a relationship with Australian actor Guy Pearce.

Their coupling came as somewhat of a surprise, as Guy was married to his childhood sweetheart, Kate Mestitz, for 18 years.

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