Who is julia roberts dating 2016

She repeats encounters with those who have big dxxks.

Blind Gossip obviously hates Julia calling her Ghoulia and similar such names, and barely concealing any negative blinds about her.

To echo what a previous poster said, just picturing Julia Roberts maniacally embroidering that shirt is one of the creepiest things imaginable. This is someone who actually took the time to create a special goddamned shirt strictly for the purpose of demeaning another human being. How did Julia get so many people to call her attractive.

I think she does a pretty good job of acting, but her face surely stops clocks.

According to Blind Gossip Julia married Danny because he had a big dxxk.

According to this particular gossip site she has been rumored to go after all of her leads, do-stars, directors, producers of both sexes, and even crew members.

She's a nasty piece of work, but he got what he deserved.

The ex thought when Julia called their home she was helping his career and was excited for him.

Still, Julia is as smug as hell.women who are homewreckers always get what they deserve.

She didn't realize what a deceptive back stabber Julia was.

R65 see R10:[quote]Oprah: Why did you wear that T-shirt?

Except Dean is even more miserable because not only did he not get the Spelling's fortune, he has to look at Tori.actually they didn't get any money and Dean has cheated on Tori now (see tabloids)It would be interesting to discuss why so many DLers--who we can assume are largely fat men over the age of 60--exhibit such hostility towards Julia Roberts. A midnight showing of "Steel Magnolias" in Palm Springs? What will Candy Spelling do now that Tori’s husband cheated on her US Weekly cover story|Lainey Gossip Entertainment Update Lainey Gossip|What will Candy Spelling do now that Tori’s husband cheated on her US Weekly cover storyr22=homophobic, possibly self hating, star worshiper(and to answer your question: because she made such a big deal of painting herself as a saint on Oprah for so many years, it is just normal, on a gossip site dedicated to bitchery, for people p[aying attention to call her out on the fact that the emperor has no back to US magazine dear heart R26, Today someone posted a You Tube link to JR doing something embarrassing and narcissistic and it was removed from YT within minutes.

Someone has been posting emotionally invested, pro - JR comments here for two days.

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