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I think that’s also true with sports — the whole basketball thing with Tim Hardaway saying he hates gays.It would be great if someone he likes — because he says he would never want a gay person in the locker room with him — who has been in the locker room with him, who played basketball with him, who he has liked, says, ”I’m gay.” Then he’d have to say it’s one thing to hate gays, but it’s another thing to hate this specific person.

Part of me might ask, ”Should a group specifically be trying to raise money for gay candidates just because they’re gay?

Then maybe when they are dealing with legislation that might be anti-gay, they’ll think, ”Wait, this person I worked with is gay.

So when I’m talking about gays I’m talking about someone I work with as well.” MW: MILLEGAN: The thing that’s similar between me being out in Hollywood and people being out in politics is about how secrets can be more damaging than the truth.

TVGuide.com: I was wondering when the show was going to address Zack's post-traumatic stress.

I kept waiting to see how he was going to deal with it.

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