Who is dan humphrey dating

The two email the Upper East Side oracle and await a response, which they do receive, together.

This begs the question: How was Humphrey able to email and respond as Gossip Girl with eagle-eyed Waldorf at his side?

Chuck lost his heart to Blair Waldorf but who did he lose his virginity to?

In the season one episode “Woman on the Verge,” Chuck mentions that he lost his virginity to troublemaker Georgina Chapman in the sixth grade.

And if you were to look closely enough, you’d notice some things don’t always add up throughout the show, like the revelation of Gossip Girl’s identity.Was it really family friend Diana Payne or the mysterious Elizabeth Fisher aka Evelyn Bass?But the real question surrounds her death and eventual resurrection.We’ve seen it on “Game of Thrones” and “Friends.” And yes, “Gossip Girl” too.In the pilot, viewers are introduced to Eleanor Waldorf, played by Florencia Lozano but in subsequent episodes, Margaret Colin took over the role.

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