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It’s rare to see a player not only walk away from a million salary let alone possibly having to pay .9million to do it.

Sometimes retirements or threats of retirements can be used to help in contract decisions.

Once retired Johnson is not free to shop his services around the NFL should he decide to return at a later date.Per the Detroit Free Press, when asked Saturday whether he ever concealed one from team doctors, Johnson replied,”Of course.” Via Freep.com: “They’re going to dispute that, but anytime you black out, anytime you hit the ground and everything is stars and stuff, any time your brain hits your skull, that’s a concussion,” Johnson said. But if you play football long enough (you’re going to have concussions).” Public awareness of brain injuries, CTE and other side effects of playing football have taught us that it is an unfortunate reality of the sport – and while the NFL should be responsible for finding ways to mitigate brain injuries and help players aggressively pursue treatment during and after their careers, it will always be a hazard of playing football.In fact, concussion awareness is something that Johnson teaches at his camps.The four with Andrea Pearson are Jicyra, Chad Johnson II, Chade, and Cha'iel.He has a daughter Kennedi Johnson with Crystal Bates.

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These bonuses allow the Lions to recover $3.2M() from the initial signing bonus and $857,000 in 20 from the smaller bonus if allowed.

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