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I didn’t dare get in, but could watch them surf all day.#surf #maui #hawaii #Hang Loose #hana,” the 32-year-old former short track speed skating star wrote on Instagram the next day with a video. He chooses to conduct much of his business in private and does not seek out the attention of news media or other exposure, making it hard to determine who exactly he may or may not be dating at any given time.Apolo Ohno shows off his shirtless body while frolicking in the ocean with his mystery bikini-clad girlfriend on Sunday (October 19) in Maui, Hawaii. Pretty calm during this clip but the waves were gnarly all day.The two were often on the ice together both competitively and cooperatively as part of the same speed skating teams.Ohno is an athlete of note but is not particularly forthcoming about his personal life.If Tom [Bergeron] calls my name on Tuesday and tells me to come to the bottom of the stairs, I will tell him I am fine where I am and I think I’ll stay up there for a little while.

So they’re putting in this crazy, fast routine that normally a pro would have.So where's Olympic gold medalist Apolo Anton Ohno's mom?According to an article published in The New York Times, Apolo's father, Yuki, won custody of his son when Apolo was just a baby.Ohno is known primarily for his prominence as a speed skating champion on the world stage and for his multiple appearances on the reality television program "Dancing with the Stars." The media claimed that the woman with whom Ohno was photographed in Maui was his girlfriend.The retired speed skater's position on that claim is unknown, but if true it would make her his most recent partner as of 2015.

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