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In other words, the top lid lines fairly easily, but if you want to line the section near the tear ducts, or the inner rim of the eye, you'll need to dry that area to achieve an even look. The only problem is that the flakes don't stop falling once you're done applying. This is very annoying, but the color is so right and gorgeous, you may just put up with it.

Just remember to check your eyes in a compact mirror every couple of hours.

Victoria Secret eyeliner comes to us from the company of the same name, Victoria's Secret.

The thought behind this makeup product is that a company that makes alluring, sexy lingerie should be able to impart that same level of sexiness to one's eyes, but does it? Today, we'll be testing Victoria Secret eyeliner in several different colors, including Plum Crazy, Silver Lining and Gold Leaf, and the application will be the same for all three.

This creates an incredibly "fierce" look that is very appealing.

I will line my eyes, both top and bottom, and wee how the pencil stand sup in terms of faking, color, wear-ability and length of wear.

As I line my eyes, I take note of a few different factors. I am immediately dismayed since this caused the color to skip slightly, meaning that I have to then retrace my steps.

I stick to a little moisturizer and then sunscreen when I am in the sun." Adriana Lima "Once a week, I put conditioner on my dry hair, comb it through, wrap it in a bun and leave it on all day.

At night, I rinse out the conditioner and my hair is soft and moisturized." Marisa Miller "Even if I am not wearing makeup, I always curl my eyelashes.

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