Validating user input asp net

That does not include Street, City, State, or Zip Code property validators.

NET MVC 2 in regards to way that validation is handled.But what if the user wasn't offered the chance to edit that field? More importantly, what if a bad guy decided to try to "under-post" your form by leaving off the Last Name field? What this means is that we will always run all validators on an object, if that object had at least one value bound into it during model binding.We run the property-level validators first, and if all of those succeed, we'll run the model-level validators.To understand what we did, let's start with where we were a couple days ago.When your Contact object is being model-bound, we will automatically run validation. NET MVC 1.0 as well, though we didn't have a pluggable validation system so most people weren't even aware that we had any validation support.

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