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The problem only gets worse when attackers encode a string multiple times and mix the encodings to bypass validation filters.If Cold Fusion 8 or 9 has been patched with APSB11-04 or higher, the ESAPI Java library can be used by calling the Java library.In case you’re thinking “yeah, but isn’t he overthinking it,” here are a two more examples illustrating the scope of the problem: Suffice to say, the rabbit hole of email validation is deep, dark, and filled with angry and opinionated comments.For arguments sake, let’s say that you found the perfect regex for email validation (or, more realistically, you’ve found one that works 99% of the time, or even one that you consider “good enough”).He has been developing with Cold Fusion since version 4 and is an active member of the Cold Fusion community.

There are a few UDFs and regex strings for tackling this problem, but they don’t come without issues.

And finally, there’s no small number of developers who ascribe to the dictum: “The only way to validate an email address is to deliver a message to it”.

Feel free to disagree, but I think Mailgun provides a better way. The full range of special characters is now allowed; quotes aren’t automatically rejected, and there is no TLD character limit. Of the problems I’m aware of in Cold Fusion 9/10, only 2 weren’t resolved: So, all in all, it’s not terrible, though not bug free.

No worries; the Mailgun API is well documented and very straightforward.

For the frontend, they actually provide a j Query plugin.

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I’ve added some notes on each: So, this might all sound good and interesting, but the goal here, of course, is a tool that we can just drop in and use.

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