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Safari RSS and MOTURunning Safari on Tiger already?

MOTU now supports Safari's new automatic news feed features.

MOTU and Apple have been working closely together to ensure a smooth transition to Tiger (Mac OS X 10.4) for you.

Tiger compatible versions of MOTU products are now shipping.

The latest shipping version of Unisyn (Version 2.11) is already Tiger compatible. If you are running an earlier version of Unisyn, you'll need to upgrade to Version 2.11 to ensure compatibility.

Some of our customers are moved to tell us how they feel about Tracker through poetry. (And yes, there’s a tiger.) Whether you express yourself with iambic pentameter, prose, or pun, you can always send chapter and verse to the Tracker team.

Download the free Tiger-compatible Mach Five 1.2.3 updater here.

Download the free Tiger-compatible MX4 Version 2 upgrade here for MAS and Audio Units (AU). Version 2 introduces many new features, and it is backward compatible with all versions of Mac OS X back to Jaguar (Version 10.2.x).Get instant, up-to-the minute MOTU news delivered directly to you.Click the icon in Safari's address bar to subscribe.(Not running Tiger yet?So far, our testing shows that Digital Performer 4.6 appears to be fully compatible with Pro Tools HD or Mix system hardware under DAE 6.9.2.Download the free Tiger-compatible Audio Desk 2.04 public beta updater here.

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Further information, if any, will be posted here as soon as it becomes available.

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