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More importantly than gaining the respect of AFCs though, Brad is respected by just about everyone in the community.

When it was Brad’s turn to speak at the convention he had some of the best PUAs in the world sitting in the front row taking notes.

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This new material was embraced by the community, and Brad P.

was named the #1 coach in the world on all 3 major polls in 2008.

This was a new type of student, and they were mostly focused on one night stands. temporarily discontinued the seminar to create new material geared towards fast seduction and reduced the emphasis on dating and relationships. unveiled the new, fast-acting material at the Cliff's List Convention.

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Rather, he’s a normal guy, but he tends to succeed more than he fails, and he does so with incredible creativity and good humor.

-Thundercat, Thudercat's Seduction Lair “If respect from your peers is a credential for being the best… Brad P is universally respected by everyone in the community for his insane ability to close quickly in field, and his increasingly large following of students who swear by his teachings.

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