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These include: Teens who are in violent or abusive relationships are also more likely to be in unhealthy or abusive relationships later in life.Many domestic abusers report having been sexually, physically, or emotionally abused as a child or teenager.[...] It will be argued that in order to end 'wife beating,' it is essential for women also to end what many regard as a 'harmless' pattern of slapping, kicking, or throwing something at a male partner who persists in some outrageous behavior and 'won't listen to reason.' reports that a 13-year longitudinal study found that a woman's aggression towards a man was equally important as the man's tendency towards violence in predicting the likelihood of overall violence: "Since much IPV [Intimate Partner Violence] is mutual and women as well as men initiate IPV, prevention and treatment approaches should attempt to reduce women's violence as well as men's violence.Such an approach has a much higher chance of increasing women's safety." However, Capaldi's research only focused on at-risk youth, not women in general, and, therefore, may not apply to the entire population.

While both boys and girls can be victims of teen dating violence, girls are far more likely to suffer.Encourage teens to speak to adults with whom they have an admiration and trust.If teens are afraid of punishment from their parents they may not speak out when in need.Dating is an inevitable part of life that many experience for the first time as a teenager.Healthy relationships, however, require hard work, communication, and a level of maturity that may not be present in teens.

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