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But things went differently when his stately and inspiring personality was no more seen in the flesh...

In 2002, Fualaau's family sued the Highline School District and the city of Des Moines, Washington, for emotional suffering, lost wages, and the costs of rearing his two children, claiming the school and the Des Moines Police Department had failed to protect him from Letourneau.

The mother was asked what should be done, and said to return Fualaau to Letourneau.

She later said that if the police had alerted her to the fact that Letourneau had lied about Fualaau's age and what had occurred in the car, she would not have allowed her son to go back to Letourneau.

Faye moved with her family to Las Vegas, Nevada when she was only eight months old.

She first began performing in explicit X-rated fare at age 19 in 2007.

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In 1978, her father was re-elected as a Republican to the California State Senate. She began teaching second grade at Shorewood Elementary School in the Seattle suburb of Burien.

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