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Yes, the Shallow Man is hosting another speed dating event this Friday hence this timely post with some essential speed dating tips. In a short space of time, we’ve gone from online dating sites, to apps where you can cut out most of the tedium associated with online dating and simply swipe right to choose the person …Read More »Dating in the Netherlands How to Make It Happn Dear readers, please have your tissues ready as I’m about to tell you a sad story.The common factor here is that these individuals are polar opposites.Moron vs genius, vigilante vs evil, and talent and hard work vs lots of silicone and vacuous opportunism. Read More »Tinder Dating in Amsterdam a SWOT Analysis In years to come, anthropologists will list the 21st century into categories.While it makes sense that we want to be physically attracted to the people we date, but there’s a thin line between appreciating aesthetics and being downright shallow.The latter is an epidemic, and it’s ruining opportunities for true love in so many ways.The women seemed more realistic and open to a range of men with varied levels of attractiveness and incomes- though in general looking for a man with more income, I’m not sure they really expect 143-183,000 more .The ones that ‘advertise’ seem more attractive relative to the men – women need to be in a dating market.

While waiting for a tram, she saw the man of her dreams, …As the stated purpose of my blog is to inform, educate, and entertain, of course I had no …Read More »Think of the animosity between Tom and Jerry, Batman and the Joker, or even Beyonce and Kim Kardashian.Finally, fewer than 1 percent of online daters rated themselves as having “less than average looks”. My experience with online dating, perusing ads and meeting or talking with many men supports this.Most (Even quite average or less so) men think quite well of themselves and hit on the most attractive women in droves.

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(Even if they also had less attractive incomes to help them succeed.) Self- esteem or delusion? The more attractive men were more picky (and probably more successful in their searches.

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