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The Russian word used for citizens of Russia is different from the word for ethnic Russian (see Citizenship of Russia), other languages often do not distinguish these two groups.The Tsardom of Russia became a multiethnic state in the 16th century (see History of Russia).Why old people on the streets are dressed as beggars in the old coat and shoes?

But destiny is exists…and now I am the happiest person on the world.The majority of ethnic Russians live in the Russian Federation, notable minorities exist in other former Soviet states such as Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Ukraine and the Baltic states.A large Russian diaspora (sometimes including Russophones, i.e.The Russian language originally was the language of ethnic Russians.They are historically Orthodox Christians by religion.

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Despite of 80.90% (111,016,896 people) of the population voluntarily declared themself as ethnically Russian, the Constitution declared Russia a multinational (multiethnic) state and named "multinational people of Russia" as a sovereign nation (i.e.

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