Quicken not updating prices

Year over year, I’ve noticed much less visitor traffic going to our Quicken reviews and an increase of visitors to our review of Personal Capital.

I’m sure that in some small part this is related to some of the negative issues expressed about the product.

More importantly, I believe that user demographics and what people now expect when managing their personal finances are changing.

Like it or not, individuals and investors alike (especially Millennials) want convenience with up-to-the-minute access to their finances.

We want to be able to access our finances anywhere, anyplace and at any time.

Now, with the 2019 release, Quicken has taken some steps in the right direction.

Quicken and Code Weavers says I'm on the latest versions of both.

Previously, I held on to using Quicken because I have a long history with the product.

I also liked the idea of keeping my financial data locally on my desktop computer.

The mobile access within Quicken is a neat feature but never worked exactly to my liking, so I primarily used the desktop version.

No problem until this evening I noticed Quicken updating itself, then went to do a ONE STEP (which I've used for more than a decade) and it failed.

Message: The program has encountered a serious problem and needs to close. This happens each time I try to update transactions.

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