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Like Shahrukh's link up with Kajol which got serious but it didn't do as much damage as his alleged affair with Priyanka Chopra did.Till date there is no actual proof of their alleged extra-marital affair but a lot of secret sources did end up revealing a lot of intimate details about their so called affair.If you're a celebrity and a popular one at that, chances are you have been linked to your co-stars, industry friends several times more often than not.Same goes for the superstar of the millennium, Shah Rukh Khan as well.To which Priyanka said, "Things get exchanged and this one, I really really loved.

While Shah Rukh said that when he heard about his Om Shanti Om co-star Deepika Padukone’s wedding, he ‘called Deepika and wanted to hug her’, when he was asked about Priyanka’s wedding, he joked, “Even I am getting married. I will send you the card for the reception and also, do come for the mehendi.”The actor quoted in the Deccan Chronicle report said that Priyanka introduced Shah Rukh to her husband.Talking about it, Priyanka had said, "I was a little unsure about this one but, then, your show is called Dirty Laundry, so I thought, I might as well.This is a jacket that I literally live in and it's my airport jacket but it belonged to my ex-boyfriend." When the host asked her if she could still smell him, Priyanka said, "I hope not." The host further asked her why did she keep it.Shahrukh got married a year before his film debut to his childhood sweetheart Gauri.The couple may today be having a good run with 23 years of marriage but they too have faced a lot of ups and downs in this long span of companionship.

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