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Copies of relevant statutes may be found either on this website or on-line at the Connecticut General Assembly.

Checks are written orders that we use to tell our bank or other depository institutions to pay money or to transfer funds from our account to a check-holder. You can avoid a risk of later forgery by following these suggestions: Sometimes we encounter problems when we write or receive checks.

Read your deposit account agreement carefully as it relates to such issues.

All references on this page are to sections and titles of the Connecticut General Statutes, unless otherwise noted.

It's important to note that the UCC allows certain provisions to be varied by agreement.

Some bank deposit account agreements may therefore override UCC provisions described below.

These deadlines represent the maximum time allowed for holds.

Bank rules and fees for non-customers - Banks are not prohibited from imposing fees to cash checks.

Banks may also establish different rules and fees for customers and non-customers, or among an institution's various customers.

Banks can refuse to cash a check, even a check that is issued by the government.

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This page provides information on checks, including issues that consumers have raised with the Department of Banking in the past.

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(See our page on funds availability for more information).

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