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One of the most famous clips of Oprah building a house for a single black mother made its way to the movie “Ocean’s 13.” All of that combined, I speculate, fueled Oprah’s alignment with Tyler Perry, but she didn’t stop there. As The Oprah Winfrey Show was wrapping up in 2010, she announced the launch of her network, OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) in 2011.

The network predictably struggled, but has essentially found its footing in the present.

By this time, Oprah had already invited Perry to her show and his inspirational story of being homeless and pouring his life savings into his work was a success story Oprah glommed on to. “Diary of a Mad Black Woman,” to say the least was not cinematic greatness.

But no one was necessarily expecting it given that it was Perry’s first feature length movie.

But, Oprah at the time that she said it had the weight of pop culture behind it.

No longer was it something that was discussed on three-way phone conversations, no longer was it something that black church women tsk tsked about at the afternoon church dinner, it was something worth displaying for the whole world to see on the big screen. King appearing on Oprah’s show, Perry had received ticket-sale success from the chitlin’ circuit by the turn of the century.

Filmmaker, producer, actor, director, writer and all-around cinematographic maven Tyler Perry found his niche in writing stage plays that was the right mix of comedy, drama and black churchified frivolity. While getting his start with stage plays in the 1990s, his box office success came in 2001 with “Diary of a Mad Black Woman” which was eventually turned into a movie and introduced his famous Madea character to the wider world.

And then Oprah Winfrey invited an author by the name of J. King who wrote the book to her show and the phenomenon of the “DL black man” was brought to light.

At the time, even for me, it fixated my interest because, well, I was in college and some of what became fodder for young minds was evident on the college campus, but it reinforced to yet another generation, the millennials, that “Black men aint shit.” I got into countless arguments and conversations in dorm rooms and at the cafeteria at Fisk during my senior year with black women who said, almost verbatim, “Half of y’all aint shit and the other half of y’all are gay.” I blame Oprah for this.

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This was superbly expressed throughout many of the books that she selected for Oprah’s Book Club, almost culminating with author Eckhart Tolle’s book in 2008.

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