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Ever since NLP was created, there’s been a flood of applications.It started to be used for therapy, then quickly picked up by sales people, and shortly thereafter used to create seduction patterns.For example, if you were to put the command, “give me your phone number” into a larger sentence, it may look something like this: The other day I was listening to these people talking, and one guy looked at me and said, “give me your phone number,” but then he started talking to his friend.The key is when you say, “give me your phone number” you actually look at her and pretend, in your mind, like you’re actually saying it TO HER.

I'm extremely surprised this thread has gotten as big as it has, it would be a shame not to build on it and make it better.

This will leave her hanging, and totally kill any desire for her eyes or mind to wander.

Do this a couple times, and she’ll literally be transfixed by you and your stories.

Since you’re using Tinder and you’re not dealing with women face to face you have an advantage that gives you time to analyze what they say and then articulate a suitable response.

CONVERSATION THREADINGWomen use conversation to bond. That’s why you’ll see women on the phone with each other for literally hours.

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