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I've got as far as listing changesets since a certain date: Each query returns the same number of results, with the second query returning duplicate workitems.This seems promising, as there are many changesets to workitems, so I assume I'm not far off combining the results. Once the Task is completed, the approver has to approve the result.Please notice that the e-signature field is now visible because we have reached the Done state.To implement such behavior, we have a Save Work Item precondition named “Prevent editing”.At this point, depending on the selected role in the step 2 of the previous section, either nobody, or at least, the concerned people will not be able to change any field of a work items once it has been approved. I tried changing the "Associate Changesets and Work Items" property in the build definition to "false", but the gated checkin is still being associated with (and updating the "Fixed in" build of) work items.

You can notice that the e-signature field is , for now, not visible in the Approvals page.

So if you try to change and save any field in a work item which is in an Approved state, you will get the following Team Advisor warning: I left this last case for the end because I’m not fully satisfied with the final result.

Nevertheless, before any complain, let understand the purpose of such approval.

This restriction can be easily defined using RTC permissions: Now, if somebody else then a Scrum master will try to add, modify or delete an approval, he will get the following Team Advisor message: Once the work item has been approved we might want to not let anybody change any single field in it.

Actually, and approval is an agreement on the status of some data so, obviously, you don’t want to let anybody else to change these data once you gave your approval.

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