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Christopher Boyd August 26, 2019 - A roundup of the latest cybersecurity news for the week of August 19–25, including Magecart attacks on poker software, a new Bluetooth vulnerability, continuing ransomware attacks on US cities, Bitcoin sextortion, and a look back at one researcher’s DEF CON experience.August 19, 2019 - A roundup of the most interesting cybersecurity news stories from August 12 to 18, including a deep dive into facial recognition technology, swatting dangers, social engineering attacks on cities, and more.Download: Clue for Android (Free)Let’s face it, taking about our fantasies can be awkward.Even very open couples have things that seem off-putting to them.Be careful when faced with job opportunities that sound too good to be true – especially if they mention internet giants such as Facebook, Google and others.No matter what they claim, you’re probably not going to get rich quick (or slowly, for that matter).The app takes your period information and tries to predict your most fertile times of the month.

Yahoo’s Livetext lets you do the same but without hearing your beau’s voice, which can be just the ticket at times when there’s simply too much going on in the background.There’s maintaining an emotional connection once you have someone to hold hands with.Your Android device (no, not that kind of Android Dating has always been difficult, for men and women alike.Logging your periods can help you plan when you can and can’t have fun in bed.Though if you don’t like being told you can’t do something — even by your own body — there’s nothing wrong with doing it during your flow, as long as no one involved is too squeamish.

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