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One of the major sites at the receiving end of this legislation is Craigslist personals which has dominated this area for decades.

Craigslist personals used to be a forum which enabled individuals seeking sexual relationships and sex workers.

I am trying to avoid attracting the type of guy who is looking for a different type of woman in an effort to not waste his time or mine.

The dating world is a big place and can accommodate all types.

All of those words have been hijacked (at least in Austin) to mean: I will sleep with you on the first date. I told him that I deliberately have no photos of me scantily-clad. No “oh-am-I-accidentally-showing-you-my-cleavage” pictures (not that I have much cleavage). There is nothing wrong with those if that’s your thing.

And, in and of itself, a shot of you at the beach in your bikini drinking a margarita is a perfectly acceptable picture.

Note: I have read plenty of stories written by women who embrace casual sex. Bonnie was off the dating market from 1998 (when she met her now ex-husband) till early 2014.So…You may be asking yourself: Why doesn’t she just state that in her profile?“No hook-ups.”Early on a few guys told me that writing “no hook-ups” was essentially meaningless.If there was a Masters in Online Dating, Bonnie’s earned it.This means: (1) That Bonnie is a failure at dating AND (2) She’s accumulated a lot of experiences and knowledge about the dating landscape for middle-aged chicks in Austin.

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