Muslim women dating a non muslim man

As if all that was not enough she fell under the spell of another Iranian Muslim, a certain Abazar Wahidi (also written as Wahedi or Wahedy) who introduced himself with a fake name, fake birth date and fake everything. Lessing explains how this man lied to her and played on her vulnerability.I publish his name and picture because this man is a monster, a dangerous predator, a psychopath whose only purpose is to trap innocent American woman and destroy them. I hope by revealing his face I may save some of his future victims. She saved all his chats on Skye and his text messages and published them in her book. Just like his prophet who made people wage war for him, sacrifice their lives to make him rich, give him their little daughters and be grateful for it too.

When a group of them was arrested, during the interrogation, they showed no remorse, but expressed their pride for the murders that they had committed. They were devoutly religious people who considered murder a divinely punishable offence.Perhaps it is not dead yet but it is ailing and as such vulnerable to predation. She married a man, who also was incapable of loving her and treated her only for his sexual gratification.She got involved in a church that instead of preaching love, promised prosperity.One Thug named Buhram boasted to have murdered over 930 travelers. [Thug or a Million Murders by Brigadier – General Sir William T. They picked their victims only when they received “favorable omens” from their deity.When he was asked whether he ever felt remorse for his victims whom he beguiled into a false sense of security and who had laid their trust him, he replied, “Certainly not! Here is a passage from the transcript of their trial.

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If smart woman like Lessing can fall prey to the machinations of a Muslim charlatan like this animal, many girls are in great peril.

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