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Though according to the Slap Chop commercial I just watched, my wretched, boring life will change completely if I'm able to chop half of a tiny potato in this mechanism. Because I couldn't imagine why a seemingly very intelligent man would fall for this. You realize that everything he put in the Slap Chop was ?Do you know how long it would take to chop everything we need for the dish we're preparing with that thing? I'd like to slap him for roping in unsuspecting consumers. I apparently have very strong feelings about products pitched by scary men who wear headsets and shout at me and tell me that my life sucks.If you do decide to burn it, make sure you do it at a suitable location.

Swan,(Yes, you may call me Edward outside of work hours. I will refrain from putting you through the discomfort of discussing the story further, but I do hope your shirt turns out okay.

I wonder..I buy a Slap Chop a Sham Wow, will I be beautiful, rich and in a rewarding career and relationship? My ingredients are chopped (via knife) and I'm about to put my pasta in the boiling water.

I'll wait patiently for the rest of your Stock Boy story.

Sadly, I'm sure, somehow, were I to switch teams, I would be just as disappointed with my dating prospects.

I've been very unlucky in love, my accountant friend being the last long term relationship I had, and that was well over a year ago. I do like cheese, though, so maybe it's worth a try.

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