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Nat met the beautiful talented girl Miranda Cosgrove at the set of a rock comedy “Mystery Girl”. He showered small Miranda with admiration and didn’t regret money for her.

Two incredibly popular teens started dating, at that was a real pleasure for paparazzi, which caught two talented sweethearts, going out of the movie theater or playing tennis at weekend. At the age of 3 Tom’s daughter was sent to music and dancing lessons.

It’s especially hard to remain healthy – both physically and mentally – for a child’s star.

But the actress and singer Miranda Cosgrove managed to build a great career and become a teen star. At the same time, the girl with such a cute smile and ideal silhouette is always surrounded by devoted male fans. The beauty Miranda was in long-term relationships with the actor James Maslow, i Carly co-star.

To be honest, it looks like one very big (one-sided) crush!

photo instagram / natandalex Everyone knows that it’s not so easy to survive in show business world.

)That doesn’t mean Lil Pump still isn’t reaching out to her.

But they wanted to save money for her college, so decided to give it all a chance.

At the 6 Miranda Cosgrove’s mother was born in a rich family.

Having become initially popular as a musician, Nat soon was invited as an actor on TV.

He rose to fame as Jake from “Peace, Love & Misunderstanding”, a drama film, directed by Bruce Beresford.

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Later Christina met a young businessman Tom Cosgrove, married him and took his surname.

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