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You may be stuck in the office, but knowing that you can just whip your phone out and take a look at funny videos makes it all the more tempting not to work.And before you know it, you’ve browsed through every article on Thought Catalog, looked through all of your crush’s vacation pictures, and unwittingly stalked someone who sent your crush a flirty Tweet. Online dating no longer has the stigma that it used to ten years ago.So what do you think, is technology easing your social interactions or is it preventing you from creating meaningful connections with people?Are you becoming so tech dependent that you’re starting to forget how to use a map or how to flirt without emojis?You’re like their walking Google and tech person all in one! Sometimes, you get so used to having information at the tip of your fingers that when your gadget or your internet connection is unavailable, you have no idea what to do.You’ll then realize that back in the olden days, people went to libraries to do research.You can talk to a multitude of people across a variety of platforms whenever you want to. When our attention span is split across several different conversations through different mediums, are we really spending quality time with these people?At best, we’d be leaving quick, mechanical replies, all for the purpose of assuring them that yes, we’re online.

Sure, you were able to preserve a memory, but were you really there in that moment? When people know you’re attached to your gadget, it’s safe for them to assume that you know its ins and outs.

They know that you can conjure up movie schedules, restaurant reviews, directions and even instructional articles with lightning speed.

They might even ask you to be the one to help figure out certain settings on their phones, if you happen to have a similar model.

[Read: 14 dos and don’ts of online dating] #11 Pro: Quantity of interactions.

You can be leaving a comment for your friend on Instagram, chatting with your mom on Facebook, Skype calling with your partner, and composing an email for your boss, all at the same time.

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Whether it’s a wedding, your kid’s birthday party or your cat giving birth to a litter of 8, you can always count on your phone to help preserve those memories with a picture or a video.

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