Lauren graham dating marc blucas

Neither Marc nor Lauren has ever talked about their relationship. In the year 2000, She was married to American actor Christian Slater.

The couple is also blessed with two children in total.

On July 25, 2009, Marc Blucas was married to Ryan Haddon in Pennsylvania.

As Marc was called in for an audition for, ‘Knight and Day’ their honeymoon was canceled.

In 1999, In ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ he debuted his first major role as Agent Riley Finn.

A lot of question may arise while talking about Marc, whether Marc is married or not?

The baby girl was named as Eliana Sophia Haddon- Slater.

She was married to American actor Christian Slater in the year 2000.he couple doesn't have any baby till the date and it appears as though they are completely focusing on their career first.But it's pretty sure we are gonna hear the big news sooner or later. Keeping her professional life aside, here we are going to talk about her relationship with Peter Krause and her past affairs.American actress Lauren Graham is currently in a relationship with American actor Peter Krause.

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