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But take a look at their screens and you’ll see them all running Windows.Many Korean websites are designed specifically for Internet Explorer, and using a Mac Book would simply limit online experience.There’s a lot of pressure to get ahead in all facets of life in Korea.Mothers with money will enroll their kids in English nurseries at close to 00 USD a month so kids learn to speak without accents.But even with all this history, there are tons of domestic Koreans that study abroad in Japan.Also, Kpop drew a lot of influence from Jpop in its early days. It’s a complicated love/hate issue that’s best left to Asian Studies professors.Many 3rd and 4th generation Japanese Koreans (zainichi) stick stubbornly to their Korean roots, even if they can’t speak a lick of Korean.The whole Japanese colonization of Korea thing is a pretty bad memory too.

Binge watch a Korean drama and you might have your fill of emotions for the week.Under the direction of Park Chung-hee, Korea’s President in the 70’s, Korea began to cultivate a sense of urgency which lives on today.Drivers in Korea are often similar to your friend that accelerates and stops because he’s always in a rush.But with Sarah Jessica Parker and the gang came Korea’s obsession with trendy rooftop bars, swanky restaurants and brunch places for girl talk — all things Manhattan.Combine Korea’s New York obsession with romantic Parisian cafe culture and you got your own brand of Korean style coffee shops.

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