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“The more people we can bring here and show them what we have to offer, the better off we’ll be,” Bunn said.Ray Eanes, Nordicfest board member, agrees with Bunn’s assessment.Common and scientific names of plants and animals given in this programmatic EIS -- Appendix B. Protocol for identifying, evaluating, and using new herbicides -- Appendix F. Restore native ecosystems alternative and BLM policy analysis -- Appendix J.Special status species list Contents on CD-ROM: Vegetation treatments using herbicides on Bureau of Land Management lands in 17 western states : programmatic environmental impact statement (Vol.Stanford, and James Craft Acceptability of social conditions in Zion National Park: Incorporating auditory elements into a visual crowding research method, Kara L.Grau File Accessibility: Electronic and Information Technologies (EIT), Wendy Walker and Teressa M.Hammond Worthy Scholar Award at Montana State University, University of Montana--Missoula.Office of University Relations 25-Year Record of Nutrient Loading to a Large, Oligotrophic Lake -- Flathead Lake, Bonnie Kathleen Ellis, Jack A.

6-1 - 6-41, vol.1) and index This document analyzes the potential direct, indirect, and cumulative impacts associated with the Bureau of Land Management's use of herbicides on the human and natural environment.An accompanying Final Programmatic Environmental Report (PER) discloses the potential impacts to vegetation and the environment from utilization of non-herbicide treatment techniques, including, but not limited to, fire, mechanical, manual, and biological control methods.Together, herbicide and non-herbicide treatments make up the integrated pest management program that the BLM would apply to approximately 6 million acres annually of public lands in 17 western states, including Alaska Executive summary -- Proposed action and purpose and need -- Alternatives -- Affected environments -- Environmental consequences -- Consultation and coordination -- Appendix A. Evaluation of risks from degradates, polyoxyethyleneamine POEA) and R-11, and endocrine disrupting chemicals -- Appendix E. Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act (ANILCA) 810 Analysis of subsistence impacts -- Appendix I.Keenan Accessing Clark Fork Basin ground-water information from the Ground-Water Assessment Program, Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology, Butte, Camela Carstarphen, John La Fave, Tom Patton, and Larry Smith A COMPARISON OF ACADEMIC PERFORMANCES OF REMEDIAL ENGLISH STUDENTS AND FRESHMAN COMPOSITION STUDENTS AT THE UNIVERSITY OF MONTANA AND A STUDY OF THE ATTITUDES OF THESE REMEDIAL ENGLISH STUDENTS TOWARD REMEDIAL ENGLISH, Wilma King Mc Clarty Additions to MSU Home Economics faculty announced, University of Montana--Missoula.Office of University Relations Addressing Barriers to Childhood Vaccination Through Community Partnership, Heather Murray A decade of change: observations concerning the trends and financing of Montana's beef cattle industry 1960-1970, Jon Marchi A Decade of Deaf Theatre: An analysis of theatre within the Deaf Community, the expansion of its acceptance, and the influence it has today, Cortney Wells A Decade of Deaf Theatre: An analysis of theatre within the Deaf Community, the expansion of its acceptance, and the influence it has today, Cortney Wells "A Digest of Taxes for State Purposes in Montana" released by the Bureau of Business and Economic Research and the Bureau of Government Research, University of Montana--Missoula.

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2,000-volume law library gifted to Montana State University Law School, University of Montana--Missoula.

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