Keira who is dating rupert friend

“You should send that to your wife,” she said, showing it to Mr.

newspaper that the couple had parted ways after a five-year relationship and that the decision was mutual.

In Julian Schnabel’s coming “At Eternity’s Gate,” he plays Theo van Gogh, the loving brother of Vincent.“He’s nothing like he was in ‘Homeland.’” Mr. “I think he’s a sweetheart.”In his next movie, Paul Feig’s “A Simple Favor,” a noirish thriller about mommy bloggers, he turned down a lead and instead requested the smaller role of a self-obsessed fashion designer named Dennis Nylon. Feig said he “was completely shocked because it is kind of this ridiculous part.”And Mr.

If you read old interviews, you’ll see he did use to bite. His Twitter and Instagram avatar is a sweet cartoon bear (from the English cartoon Rupert Bear), and many of his posts are love notes to his wife.

“In a way he saved himself.” The Quinn who returned was a damaged man, weakened by a stroke, tormented by his shortcomings. Friend’s mix of reserve and vulnerability, his portrait of a man soldiering on despite serious PTSD.

When Quinn finally met his end, taking a hail of bullets to protect the president-elect, some fans were so incensed that they bought a full-page ad in The Hollywood Reporter, shaming the producers for, among other things, Quinn’s incapacity “for loving and being loved.” “Strange Angel” is Mr.

He’s that rare Hollywood animal, a starring actor who feels genuinely dangerous, onscreen anyway. assassin he played for five seasons on “Homeland,” people would assume he’d come to kill them. That face was a brilliant fit for Quinn, introduced in Season 2 as a coldhearted operative with a soft spot for Carrie Mathison, the show’s lead, played by Claire Danes.

“I don’t bite,” his character says in “Strange Angel.” Then he does. Friend, 36, had bounded into the conference room at the Paramount Pictures lot, near the sheds where “Strange Angel” shoots, wearing clothes that actually fit: a frisky corduroy suit and shining shoes. Alex Gansa, the showrunner for “Homeland,” said that he had cast Mr.

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