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During this year, however, the fans have grown less caring on the matter of the idol’s personal life.

They looked over the rumor believing that Bo A was allowed to have fun with her friends without being rumored of dating anyone in her circle. One person has always been her support and shoulder to lean on: her label mate, TVXQ’s Yunho.

Beginning on September 10th, fanclub members will have an opportunity to join the lottery for tickets.

General release will happen on September 24th and 30th.

The last time the group held a tour was back in 2012 in celebration of their 20th anniversary, “L’Arc~en Ciel~ 20th L’Anniversary WORLD TOUR 2012”.

The new tours opening night will take place at Osaka Castle Hall on January 9th, with 12 performances planned in total.

Kazama Shunsuke and Morimoto Shintaro were the talk guests.

Akanishi didn’t just get his fame from being in top idol group KAT-TUN, he’s also known for other things, like loving half Japanese women who are famous.

It seems as though that Kamiji and Crystal Kay are really close friends.

In July, Crystal received a message from Kamiji regarding her ‘5LDK’ that was seen on TV.

As previously reported, on New Year’s Eve, LDH will hold the company’s first countdown concert, “LDH PERFECT YEAR 2020 COUNTDOWN LIVE 2019→2020”, at Fukuoka Dome.

EXILE and Sandaime J Soul Brothers were the first acts announced.

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