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I am not a party person, but at times, I will attend. Maybe we are destined to feel forever unfulfilled and alone. I am a typical introvert, especially since I do not drink. To stop thinking and start reacting, to give in to the now.I once asked someone what the heck that meant to which I was treated to an eye roll.Well, Rapunzel, let you hair down and come down from the ivory tower and take a look at what you may be missing out on.Simply stated, a younger man is great for one’s ego.

Buithe’s Monastery was an important center of spirituality and scholarship until the Cistercians arrived at nearby Mellifont Abbey in , after which Monasterboice declined.

I appreciate that we can have these conversations because it turns out they are just as confused at white collar as white collar is at blue collar. These are emotional/intellectual hardwirings inside each of us.

I think that maybe one idea is to try to mimic some behaviors to see how they work.

Here are my two scenarios: Blue collar works 9-5, comes home to family, has a doable honey-do list, enjoys TV, being outside, in many ways lives in the now.

White collar, works primarily from when they get up to when they go to bed, to do list is never-ending, unstable relationships due to difficulty finding a match,, reads a lot, enjoys outside if they can make time for it, has so many plans in their head that they have no clue what day it is. This is an interesting topic to discuss, mostly because I am not sure if it is possible to write it without it offending someone or being interpreted incorrectly.

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I avoided saying you idiots seem happy to hump anything that moves and drink beer every night. I definitely cannot say that the blue-collar philosophy is wrong since the definition of win here is to be happy.

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