Is andy still dating megan gale

Yes – it’s no secret remaining friends with an ex is not a feat all of us can conquer.

And when it comes to befriending their inevitable new partners – it can be all the more tricky.

But an exchange we came across on social media today has led us to believe one pair of high profile exes have cracked the code on how to maintain harmony despite parting ways – and above all else, be supportive of the new relationships they’ve entered into.

We’re talking about Megan Gale and Rebecca Harding, who don’t just have the fact that they’re models in common – they have both shared a romance with radio personality Andy Lee.

The great thing about is that I have been encouraged, and I want to, inject a lot of myself into it. I love going home and scrubbing the make-up off and putting on my comfy tracky dacks.

Megan first appeared in Ready to Wear – Spring / Summer 2002 fashion show where she walked the ramp for Alex Perry, Australia’s Resort & Swimwear, Mariella Burani, and Tigerlily. Orbit’s secretary in the military science fiction action film Stealth.

As an actress, in 2014, Megan Gale appeared in just one episode of drama series Wonderland for her role as Amelia Windsor. Though, her fitness routine depends upon how busy she is. Megan also prefers to have at least 1 Pilates or yoga class in a week.

Whereas in winters, she replaces those things with soup, roasted veggies, organic meat, and whole wheat pasta.

Megan eats Omega 3-6-9 capsule and Arma Force in the form of supplements.

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And then, after four years together, they broke up.

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