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Not to mention everyone learns differently and what works wonderfully well for one employee might not work for another one.

Every company follows certain policies that help them to manage the operations efficiently.

Organizations like a successful should take these issues into account.

Not having an unbiased, non-judgemental channel to open-up about issues such as sexual harassment, maternal/paternal policy and likes can make the employee feel unheard and hence unproductive.

While FAQs of the onboarding employee are obvious and can be answered even by the next-desk colleague, they might as well have some personal queries which are best be responded by HR professionals.

However, reaching out to HR can sometimes be time-consuming and the employee may not feel comfortable talking about personal issues.

Once the employee is onboard, comes the responsibility of briefing about the company policies, introducing to the team colleagues and making them comfortable with the working environment.

For instance the information that someone joining a sales team needs will be widely different from what someone joining the engineering team will need.

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While the orientation comes under job responsibility of the HR, it needs coordination with various departments for making sure onboarding is not just relevant but also personalized.

Due to the ineffective recruitment drives resulting from human ignorance or mismanagement, the new employee often receives incomplete information regarding the joining procedure.

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