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He broke the engagement with Mendenhall in a phone call the night of January 23rd, within hours after learning she was pregnant. Now I feel better.r122, I don't remember seeing Hextall with the Flyers. Aging really well too.r138, not just the babysitter.Their only child, Slade, was born October 13, 1989. That was what forced one of his trades and became public. Many people around the Leafs had stories about his latest girlfriends doing their high school math homework in the player's area below the ice.r135, he was forced from St Louis because of the Craig Janney situation specifically. Allegedly, he beat her and Shanny stood up for her.I was also a fan of Pam Shriver back in the day, and she's aged well, in a preppy way.(And no matter how many times she's married, including to that guy who played 007, she STILL pings to me. What if one of those fine upstanding athletes were to read that some perverted children were doing immoral things while thinking about them. Stop trying to justify your perversion by making fine upstanding people feel bad. He was so cute and sexy AND emotional, and I wanked thinking about him many times.I remember when he won the Wimbledon in 1992 after years of always losing in the Grand Slams. Agassi was human, a bundle of nerves and that game was an emotional rollercoaster the way only the greatest tennis games can be. Agassi also had to overcome the emotional abuse his dad/coach put him through when he was young.After the game I had to go to my room and cry in secret because the fight had been so huge. Vladimir Yashchenko (part 1) - Last King of the straddle technique / high jump Vladimir Yashchenko (1959-1999) Discussion about the vid on Dad was a former Olympian in Iran and expected perfection.Another favorite of mine: Todd Marinovich, QB of USC. Like Agassi, Todd had an over invested father that refused to let Todd do what he loved most (art).Lest you scoff at Yashchenko's straddle style, his 1978 record of 2.35 meters in the high j ump would have won silver at the London Olympics in 2012. So the Fosbury flop, performance enhancing drugs, and 35 years of advancing sports knowledge have only moved the record up 0.1 meter, or 4 inches. Not really an athlete, but in was really drawn to George Willig, who climbed the World Trade Center in 1977.

In January 1989, Garvey also became engaged to Candace Thomas, whom he met at a benefit for the Special Olympics. I'm attracted to Michael Bay, and I thought that was the worst. For better or worse I guess he was probably a sex addict.

Agassi's sister married young (to a retired tennis pro)to get away from dad.

Agassi finally cut off most contact in his mid 20's.

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Garvey discovered in July 1988 that Cheryl Moulton was pregnant with his child, Ashleigh, a pregnancy Garvey subsequently claimed was intentional on Moulton's part, but without his "consent."[24]Although Moulton was pregnant with his child, Garvey proposed to Rebecka Mendenhall, who was unaware of Moulton, in November 1988. I heard that some of the guys are more meh about a teammate fucking their wife/gf than others.

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