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Basically, even though algorithms recognize the protagonist’s attraction to this one woman, the computer plays dumb.And by playing dumb, the computer doesn’t tip its hand, revealing that the user’s preferences are predictable or obvious.This is what I consider the willfully naive solution, one in which the software has all the knowledge of example two, but designers mask this creepy customization by burying the user’s obvious pick among some relative randoms.

But say this happens only for some people he meets–like those he was likely to find attractive because, historically, other guys matching his demographic had a tendency to Facebook stalk her. Huge creep factor, because his intent is just too obvious. The software doesn’t display the bartender’s profile, until he gets home…along with four random other people he interacted with that night.

Her Facebook profile pops up immediately (unto itself, a pretty reasonable interaction!

), but it’s accompanied by a fast fact about her: She’s a Gemini.“You don’t happen to be a Gemini, do you?

Google Glass could one day enable some pretty incredible augmented reality apps.

Its camera might recognize a person’s face, then scour the Internet for information about him or her, beaming that back to you in real time.

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