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There are now a whole host of ways in which you can monitor and control your home from your smartphone, including wireless cameras, smart locks and motion sensors. Here, we take a look at security home systems in detail, including what they claim to do, how much they can cost and whether it's worth getting one over other conventional security measures.You'll find information about: A smart home security system is effectively a burglar alarm (with motion sensors) and wireless camera in one, both with the ability to connect to your smartphone or tablet.Although most smart security systems offer alerts for free, so would therefore often be cheaper, we've seen ones with contracts.

Others allow you to monitor your energy use or connect to a smart thermostat so you can adjust the heating in your home.

In many ways, smart home security systems do the same as a conventional burglar alarm - they alert you if you have an intruder and let you monitor your home.

But the added benefit of a smart home hub is the ability to be receive alerts, even if you're miles away from home.

For more on smart thermostats, take a look at our page on smart thermostats and smart lighting systems.

Some systems also come with, or connect to, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and air purifiers (see more details below) and we've also seen gas leak detectors and water leak sensors.

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