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Some regard governmental or employer-based incentives offered only to parents—such as a per-child income tax credit, preferential absence planning, employment legislation, or special facilities—as intrinsically discriminatory, arguing for their removal, reduction, or the formation of a corresponding system of matching incentives for other categories of social relationships.Childfree advocates argue that other forms of caregiving have historically not been considered equal—that "only babies count"—and that this is an outdated idea that is in need of revision.1869, 1 October: the first postcard, a pre-printed correspondence card, was sent through the public postal service in Austria.The card had the address on one side and a message on the other, but no picture.

Southern part of Bechuanaland was called British Bechuanaland, a colony that later became part of the Cape Colony and later S.

Do you collect antique or vintage terrestrial globes?

1921-24 - Irish Civil War 1922 - Russia changes to Soviet Union.

Most studies on this subject find that higher income predicted childlessness.

With the advent of environmentalism and concerns for stewardship, those choosing to not have children are also sometimes recognized as helping reduce our impact, such as members of the voluntary human extinction movement.

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