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every single thing ive researched was my relationship to a T. I can feel ur loss, why becomes the sole question n u try to find out everything related to that why. As i am suffering from Astrocytoma grade 2 due to her mind games, I can kill her bt i will not. Just a shadow that promised to be a soul just by copying u.

For women, that applies more to their negative emotions than their positive ones: women are happy when their boyfriend or partner understands they’re upset.

(1985), Gender and narcissism, Psychology of Women Quarterley, Vol.

Bt i will not let the devil smile over my graveyard.

But with a couple of advice and maybe some tricks, you might be given a heads up. You might be having doubts or misinterpretations as to how they see you but don’t fret. Well, many people have wondered how male psychology works and how can they use it to attract men.

Honestly, revealing them would be a very useful step if you want to learn how to attract men.

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