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They first came to wide public attention by inventing modern day bungee jumping, by making the first modern jumps on 1 April 1979, from the Clifton Suspension Bridge, Bristol, England.They followed the Clifton Bridge effort with a jump from the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California (including the first female bungee jump by Jane Wilmot), and with a televised leap from the Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge in Colorado, sponsored by and televised on the popular American television program That's Incredible!In a traditional sporting event, athletes compete against each other under controlled circumstances.While it is possible to create a controlled sporting event such as X Games, there are environmental variables that cannot be held constant for all athletes.In recent decades the term extreme sport was further promoted after the Extreme Sports Channel, launched and then the X Games, a multi-sport event was created and developed by ESPN.Certain extreme sports clearly trace back to other extreme sports, or combinations thereof.Andy spends the rest of the episode slogging through the woods trying to get to her and eventually rebuilds the tent in the front lawn of a bed and breakfast everyone is forced to stay at after Tom and Ben’s electronics drain the van’s battery.

While the exact definition and what is included as extreme sport is debatable, some attempted to make classification for extreme sports.

These environmental variables are frequently weather and terrain related, including wind, snow, water and mountains.

Because these natural phenomena cannot be controlled, they inevitably affect the outcome of the given activity or event.

(rafting and paintballing are notable exceptions, as they are done in teams).

Activities categorized by media as extreme sports differ from traditional sports due to the higher number of inherently uncontrollable variables.

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