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For Internet sharing policies, external users access either a restricted or public URL on the Client Access server.

For details about how to configure free/busy sharing between common Exchange deployments, see Configuring federated sharing between Exchange organizations.

For an external organization to access your organization's free/busy information, you must publish at least one Client Access server to the Internet.

This requires inbound HTTPS access from the Internet to the Client Access server.

) 😛 When you’re done, it should look like this: There you have it – hope this helps someone else solve some free/busy issues without having to spend hours of frustrating trying everything else!

Client Access servers in Active Directory sites that don't have a Client Access server published to the Internet can use Client Access servers in other Active Directory sites that are accessible from the Internet.

The Client Access servers that aren't published to the Internet must have the external URL of the Web services virtual directory set with the URL that's visible to external organizations.

Free/busy information for Exchange 2007 mailboxes is visible to recipients in the external organization.

Sharing policies are assigned to Exchange 2013 mailbox users.

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To learn more about setting up federation, see Federation.

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