Etiquette dating chinese woman

Use two hands to present the business card to the person you are meeting.You name should be facing the person you are greeting.

Punctuality is considered a virtue in China (despite the fact that Chinese people are, on average, 10 minutes late for their engagements! Showing up early to a meal you were invited to can be considered impolite, as it may give the impression that you’re hungry and eager to eat.

Don’t act shocked if your new friends start asking you questions regarding your marital status, family, age, job or income – they’re asking such questions in an attempt to seek common ground and start or keep the conversation going.

If you don’t feel comfortable answering a question, let the person you’re talking to know.

Play it safe and save all affectionate displays Getting ready to visit this culturally rich country for the first time?

Get in touch with our local experts and they’ll help you create your very own customized trip so that you can enjoy China your way.

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