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I know that broke around (or probably before) MS purchased it - but I just find it funny how much humanity is willing to let things slide. Because we know how you would go about analyzing that information. It’s an ambiguity that tech companies love to take advantage of. If the word "analyze" was chosen because the word "eavesdrop" would result in users leaving the platform, and eavesdropping is what they're actually doing, then they're obscuring their actions with a euphemism.So much so that we go from the most secure peer to peer architecture ever to - oh yeah contractors are listening to skype calls. I don't think the average person does (anyone in the bay is likely not your average person in this context). For instance, Google will say that they analyze your Gmail to improve the service etc, but that no human will ever read your email. If they communicate that they're eavesdropping, which is what was proposed here, it seems excessive to then claim that they're not communicating this monitoring or listening of calls in a reasonable way which would mean it's not eavesdropping."Shall we make it clear that no humans listened, and that 'analyze' meant via algorithms?This has likely been going on for some time.https://Nitpicking, but "Forbes" didn't write that article as much as "Medium" or "Blogger" wrote any article you see hosted on those sites.Although Skype's website says that the company may analyze audio of phone calls that a user wants to translate in order to improve the chat platform's services, it does not say some of this analysis will be done by humans.

I don’t think there’s as much pressing financial advantage in a 10 second clip of a couple fighting as you seem to think.

You know what I guess I am corrected - they said "employees couldn't read or listen". ""No, leave it as it is; nobody's that concerned about their privacy being violated by other people listening to recordings captured by Alexa, Siri etc."I think we have to assume at this point that all online communication tools owned by for-profit mega-corps are compromised and that they can and do listen/analyse everything. I honestly don't believe that it's as secure as it used to be: Facebook'a raison d'etre is all about data gathering.

Also, when I read a Whats App message on my phone, it's unencrypted as I see it on the screen, it kind of has to be...

Notice that the article you linked is hosted on

Some guy named Eric Jackson ( - who appears to be a PE investor wrote that article.

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