Eigrp routes not updating

Each neighbor must have a mutual static statement for the neighbor to form.One neighbor having a static statement and other not will not work.If no information is found about the destination in question, or no other neighbors can be Queried, immediately send back a Reply with a “Destination Unreachable” message (an infinite metric).EIGRP stuck in active - SIA: When a router sends a Query to a neighbor it sets a 3 minute Active timer.Rather, the neighbors will tell you their desired HOLD times, and the neighbors HELLO’s will arrive at the rate the neighbor decides to send them.Therefore, HELLO and HOLD times do not need to match for each neighbor relationship, and the HELLO and HOLD times can vary per neighbor.EIGRP Hold Time and SIA Timer relationship: When a router sends a Query to a neighbor it will start the Active timer and expect a Acknowledgement before it expects a Reply.If no Ack is received, it will keep retransmitting for the period of the HOLD time before giving up and reseting the neighbor.

From that, the neighbor receiving the update can calculate the sending neighbors metric for that route. The neighbor receiving the update takes into consideration the delay and bandwidth on the interface it received the update from to calculate its own metric for that route. feasibility condition: The RD must be lower then the current best FD for the route when a route goes “stuck in active” the router takes down any neighbors who did not respond to the Queries within the Active timer. EIGRP hello time defaults to 5 seconds on most interfaces.EIGRP NOTES IP Protocol 88 Updates and Neighbor discovery on EIGRP requires acknowledgements from routing updates.EIGRP will pace the rate at which it transmits packets on multi-point links with less than 1500 kb/s bandwidth.If the destination is found through the neighbor sending the Query, this neighbor will also mark the route as “Active” and send Queries to all of its neighbors.Once all of those neighbors have Replied, then send back a Reply to the original Querying neighbor.

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