If you want to know more about this amazing phenomenon then this is the place to do it and one of the main highlights of the museum is the chance to get hands on with some of the exhibits.

One of these is a kind of freezer room where you will get to don a large winter coat and can touch some pack ice which is kept cool as the temperature in the room is -15°C.

Our items are spread across two premises in London and Hertfordshire, so please check to see where an item is located before visiting.

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The buildings here date from the Meiji Period and you can walk through them and check out a range of models who are chained up in the original shackles that the prisoners would have been made to wear.

There are also other galleries that also tell the historical background of the buildings and contain ancient prison relics, but bear in mind that some of the exhibits are a little gruesome so they may not be suitable for very young children.

This used to be the place where criminals were sent to perform hard labor, and many of the inmates here actually helped to build the foundations on which Hokkaido now sits.

If you are visiting the island of Hokkaido then you should definitely think about taking a trip to Abashiri which is a city that is located in one of the most northerly parts of Japan.

This means that Abashiri has a different feel and culture compared to many other spots in Hokkaido and it is also known for its very cold winters which led to it being used as a penal colony in the days of old.

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If you need a bookcase or desk for your office, or that special lamp to light up your life, look no further. We specialise in Danish and British design, we have many other Scandinavian pieces, as well as other items from around the world.

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Make sure to get to the market as early as possible if you want to take in all the action as it is all over before noon.

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